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Canadian Primary Market Project Roadshow-SmartWell

Canadian Primary Market Project Roadshow-SmartWell
Canadian Primary Market Project Roadshow-SmartWell


2023年4月25日 15:00

ZOOM Meeting

About event

Welcome to the Primary Market Project Roadshow!

Event Schedule:

  • Introduction of the event and agenda by the host
  • Introduction of BeaverWealth, the organizer of the event
  • Pre-RTO market roadshow by the CEO of a Canadian agricultural AI high-tech company, showcasing their agricultural AI big data project applied in the North American indoor agriculture and industrial cannabis industry
  • Q&A session

Highlights of the Roadshow project:

  • Rarity: A high-tech agricultural AI company
  • Prospects: Focusing on vertical agriculture, indoor agriculture, and industrial cannabis cultivation, with broad market development prospects
  • Features: Owning 100+ intellectual property rights, covering the fields of agricultural AI, satellite remote sensing big data, and chip technology

We look forward to your participation, exploring the future of agricultural AI high-tech, and witnessing the new chapter of the agricultural AI industry.

Event Time: 

3 pm on April 25, 2023 (Vancouver Time)

Event Host: 

Canada BeaverWealth


BeaverWealth as the organizer of this project roadshow event provides a platform for communication and information exchange among investors and listed companies. We are not a stock brokerage firm. We are not responsible for the investment targets and financial conditions of the roadshow projects, nor are we responsible for the investment behaviors of users. 

Users should carefully consider and assess the products or services based on their own abilities, make independent decisions on whether to invest and assume risks independently.


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